What are these chemicals found in olive oil that prevent chronic disease and have numerous health benefits?



Polyphenols benefits

Over 36 phenolic compounds have been discovered in olive oils. Every olive oil has a unique variety.

The two main types known for their vital benefits and anti-inflammatory properties are Oleocanthal and Oleacein. Oleocanthal is indicated by the peppery feeling on the throat. Oleacein is known for the bitterness characteristics of the oil. People often mistake pepperiness and bitterness as a defect in olive oil.

Phenolic compounds have been found to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, protect the arteries from damage, reduce the risk for type II diabetes, prevent many types of cancer and strokes, reduce cell aging, reduce inflammations in the body, fight depression and dementia, and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s by 40%. Now you know how to taste a nutritious evoo!